Monday, April 8, 2013

Beautiful muffin cakes that taste as good as they look

Photographing muffins for a client has to be one of the best jobs around. They look, smell and taste divine. A couple of weeks ago food photographer Guy Harrop was asked to shoot a cover of a magazine with delicious muffins. So a big box arrived at the studio with several scrummy varieties... chocolate, coffee, blueberry etc.. Guy had told a couple of friends what he was upto that day and yes, several volunteers rang up to see if they could help out on a shoot. Sadly their only skill was eating, so back to work in the kitchen setting up props and lights. And yes, they were all eaten.

shooting squid and fishy delights in the food photographer's studio

Several shots from a recent food photography shoot in the studio. Shellfish and seafood I could shoot all day, so spending a few hours surrounded by squid has to be a fun job for any food photographer. Q. Did you eat the spoils?  - No, by the time it had been moved and manhandled several times, it lost it's appeal, maybe next trip to Greece I might rekindle my appetite for squid. All photos Guy Harrop.